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    I'm new here and my daughter has just started online. How do I pull up her work to look and see what she answered wrong? I can see what she did and the percentage wrong on the quiz but not the acutual quiz or answers I need to have her do it over again but not sure how to do that.

    Thanking you in advance,

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    On most quizzes and chapter tests you can go to the daily log page, and click on the score for the quiz. This should bring up the quiz, the answers your daughter chose, and which ones are right or wrong. Does that make sense?
    If you need her to repeat the quiz, just select the quiz like you would normally, and have her take it again. Her record will reflect 2 scores, and average the 2. I find that sometimes if I sit there with my daughter on the second taking of the quiz, and keep her focussed she does much better. Sometimes it is not that they don't know the answer but that they didn't understand the phrasing of a question, or misunderstood what was being asked.
    I'm not sure if I clarified the issue you had questions about, if I didn't please tell me and I will try to answer your questions.
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