Soo, I just have to ask.....has holiday fever hit your children yet? Has the hustle and bustle of the season made doing school work difficult? I will tell you how we deal with it. Would you be willing to share how you deal with it?? Jump right in!!

Ok, first of all, our school year runs all year. What that means is we do not take a summer break. We do, however, take some longer breaks during the year. For us, the time between Thanksgiving and New Years Day is fairly light as far as schooling goes. I plan for us to do more crafts this year, and more seasonal studies, rather than our traditional subjects. Holiday fever hasn't quite gotten to my daughter yet, but I can see it coming. She wants to spend more time watching TV and more time surfing EBay, to show me the perfect presents, of course! We will lighten up on "schoolwork" but only actually take about a week totally off. We have a few loose ends to tie up for the 4th grade. When we come back in January, we will be beginning a new grade, so that is exciting.

Share with us how you "do" holidays as far as school is concerned!!

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