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    I found this site: FAQs – Texas Home School Coalition - THSC

    According to what this site says, in Texas, homeschooling is considered a private school for the purpose of compulsory attendance. It also says that as a private school, you aren't even required to register your homeschooler with the school district.

    I did see in a couple places where it said that the age of compulsory attendance was 6 - 19, but nothing from the actual state of Texas. Even so, everything I've found states that they have to be enrolled until they graduate, and as a homeschool YOU set graduation standards.

    Basically, all of this to say that it looks like everything is up to you in Texas, but I would recommend checking with the local school board when you get there.
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    Thanks for the help everyone i really appreciate it sorry for bothering but this is my last question we have decided not to move, im sorry for bothering you with the question but like hearthstone said since he is 18 and no longer required to attend school Could we just not send an application since hes no longer required to attend or do we have to do anything else. Because i would think that since he is 18 and no longer required to attend school we could just not send in the notification. Does this make sense? I have asked others this quetsion and they say i should just issue a diploma but do i have to do this? I thought once he turned 18 that was it.

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