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    Hi. I too got fed up with the public school my kids were in and decided to put them in a private Christian school. They teach the high schoolers Paces and the younger ones abeka. Those are homeschool based programs. Is it possible to send them there a few days a week and homeschool them a few days a week? The only reason I am wanting to do it that way is because my husband is leary of homeschooling them outright. I have been doing this for a few weeks but their principal passed away unexpectedly and now I'm lost on how to approach the subject with the man who is standing in. He isn't aware of how to make it work on paper with the days they are absent from there and being schooled by me. My kids are thriving and doing very well. Any advice would be greatly appreciated!

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    Hi there! I wish I had advice for you. In all honesty, private schools are different than public schools, so I don't know that even your local school board could give advice. Would the new principal be willing to let you submit an attendance record to him for the the days that your kids are at home? If you will be using the same curriculum as the ones they use, they would easily be able to tell if your kids are progressing or falling behind. I hope that some other members can chime in with advice...
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