Exiting public school questions
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    Default Exiting public school questions

    My son is finishing up Kindergarten in the school district where I teach. I'm retiring and will homeschool him. I'm going to hs as a nonaccredited private school. I have some questions to make sure I'm doing everything correctly.

    1.) What notification do I need to give his current school?

    2.) I know I can request his records, but how do I do that? As his parent or as the school, with the request on letterhead?

    3.) What entity do I register my school with? I've read it's with the school board, but who exactly? Is it with the state or the parish?

    4.) Do I need to notify the parish he is enrolled in now? He's there on a teacher waiver because he's at a feeder school for my school. Or can I just let the principal know?

    5.) Do I need to notify the parish we reside in? He's never attended school here.


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    Great questions! I will do my best to answer them for you.
    1. You need to notify his current school, in writing, that you will be withdrawing him and that he will be attending a private school in the fall.
    Since you will have your own private school you list the name you gave to your private school on the letter notifying current school that is where he is going. You will have to list your home address as the private school's address. This then feeds into ........

    2. When you notify his current school, in writing, request within the same letter that a copy of his records be forwarded to his new school, (that being the "private school" he will attend in the fall).

    3. You register your private school with the state Dept of Education. You will find more information at Registered Non-Public Schools (not seeking State approval) guidelines page. I have not used the online registration (we moved out of Louisiana last summer) but apparently on May 1st of this year the online registration went live and requires the same information as the paper copies we used to send in. Sending in a paper copy is still an option.

    4 and 5. I think that once you notify the school he currently attends that he will be going private school in the fall, request his current records, and submit your private school form to the the state DoE, you should be covered. However, within the state Department of Education website for Louisiana, you will find a place where they have "virtual office hours" where they set up meetings where you call in and ask questions. This might be a question you could ask at one of those sessions. I think you would be covered, but the teacher waiver out of parish is an issue I've not dealt with before.

    Hope I answered your questions. Please feel free to post more questions if you have them, and also, we would love to get a follow up on how things worked out for you. Hope to see you around the forums!
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