Free Books for homeschooling
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    Default Free Books for homeschooling

    The World's Biggest Book Club, the WBBC, gives thousands of free books to public schools in the BR area. We get lots of used text books, classics, scholastic books, etc. We would like to help those who are homeschooling. What types of books do you want? you can find us on the web and on Facebook. I don't know how this site works, but I will check back and look for responses.

    Jack Sweeney
    Neil Sweeney

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    shreveport mom Guest

    Default ms

    Hi I'm just starting out home schooling my 5yr old I can use all the help I can get I need any kindergarten and 1st grade books u have

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    Default Crk B.R. Mom

    I am homeschooling my son's in 9th grade. I am interesting in any books are materials that you can provide.

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