Getting home school kids tested for public school
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    Default Getting home school kids tested for public school

    I have been contacting our local parish school board trying to get my son tested for first grade, but they keep giving me the run around. So I was wondering if there's another way to get help in getting my son tested since the school cannot not help me and no one at the school board wants to help me.


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    I'm not sure I understand your question. Testing is not required to put a child in 1st grade. If you are looking to see if he is gifted, that would be a reason they are giving you the run around. Generally they don't want to test for giftedness until 2nd grade, at least in the parish I lived in. Even if you homeschooled kindergarten, then you should still be able to put your child directly into 1st grade. My experience was that they would not accelerate at all to a higher grade that his age would indicate. If you are trying to test for something other than gifted, you might have to do it privately. Did this help in any way? If not, please ask again, maybe I just didn't get what you were asking! Thanks and best of luck!
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