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    New to homeschooling....I applied for a Home Study Program #1 and received approval. We are currently using another online teacher assisted program, which works great for option #1. My daughter has Down Syndrome and is in 5th grade. (With our current program, she has an IEP in place.) I knew she was behind and we would have to go back before moving forward...don't know how "back" I can go with option #1 and DOE if I change to Time4Learning. I think this program would be better in helping her right now. The 5th grade is way too much for her and we need some flexiable. Reading over your much helpful information, I applied for #2 Private School option and received approval. So can I change her from our current program, option #1 to a private school option since I recieved approval? Am I even making sense?? : \

    Confused, angry, and so sad about all this!! I just want her to learn the basics of the core subjects and then we can grow from there. It is like I am asking for her to be a rocket scientist in 5th grade!! I know she has DS, but I also know she can learn with the right tools and assistance. Any advice would be much appreciated!! And thanks for moderating this has been a lifesaver!!

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    Hi and welcome to Time4Learning! If you go with the private school option, you can use any curriculum you want. (And I would thinkthat you can place your daughter in the grade that works for her.) Basically, you just want to show forward progress. If 5th grade is toohard, back her up a grade to see if that works for her. If she needs togo further back, just ask T4L to change her assigned grade. You haveaccess to a grade below and a grade above her assigned grade. I wouldalso point you toward the Special Needs Forum and the Special Education Forum. Thereis great advice over there and truly there is no need to "reinvent thewheel" if someone can pass on tricks and tips that helped their childrenalong or if they have advice on using Time4Learning with Down's Syndromechildren. I hope this helps and know that you are not alone, and that weare here to help if we can!
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