Are there any holiday related activities that you would consider homeschool do-able near you? We would love to hear about them! Suggestions for activities throughout the state can be listed in this thread. Do you live near a town that does something uniquely Louisiana? Is there an activity or outing you would like to mention?

My suggestion is Ice skating. In Baton Rouge there is at least one ice skating rink set up. It's cold in the rink, festive, and did I mention COLD!? Hehe....all that ice and stuff. By January, this activity goes away, so take advantage of it if you can.

(And now for the DISCLAIMER: Please be sensitive about your suggestions, remember that people believe differently and celebrate differently. Additionally, please try to be tolerant... My example here is, not everyone believes in the display of a Nativity scene, but even someone who doesn't believe in it might enjoy visiting a live nativity, if for no other reason than to let their kids see a live donkey and some sheep. Sensitivity and Tolerance....I've done my part for political correctness. [All said with lightheartedness in my voice, and a joking twinkle in my eye, no offense intended toward anyone.]. ok...that was a disclaimer within the disclaimer...but I digress!!)

Whew, now that that is out of the way......let's hear some holiday related homeschool activities.... (Please!)

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