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    I have a 17y/o son who has given up on attending traditional school. He is very bright, but does not want to sit in school for 8 hours. Are there any services in Baton Rouge where people take in a student and home school them. My husband and I both have to work so we can't do it ourselves. We just need him to get whatever the state requires to issue a diploma. We are adamant he not resort to a GED.

    If not homeschooling are any of you aware of other alternative educational outlets that can help.

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    Hi, I am not aware of anyone who homeschools other people's children for pay. Is there a reason why he could not homeschool himself? At 17 he is probably old enough to stay at home alone, and with the right curriculum could definitely work through his schooling by himself. You have some complications because he is not required to attend school anymore according to LA law. The other issue you have will be if you want him to have a shot at TOPS scholarships of any sort. To do that he would need to be registered with the state in the Option 1 (Home study program). If this does not matter to you then choose Option 2 in which you can be your own private, non-accredited school and issue your own diploma to him. It is my understanding that he would not be eligible for the TOPS if he is using Option 2 after 10th grade. Let me suggest that you check the web site Let's Homeschool High School for curriculum options, they have a pretty good list over there of coursework that you could use to help your son get his remaining credits. I hope this makes sense and helps in some way. If you have further questions please feel free to ask, and we will try help you get the answers you need. Best of luck.
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    I'm considering working as a homeschool teacher because I'm pulling my daughter from her school. Unfortunately, I'm in New Orleans, so I'm too far to work with your son. You may want to visit LSU or Southern and see if any one who's in Education is willing to work with him for pay. I'm sure you can find someone willing to do that.

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