Homeschooling a child with autism for the 1st time
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    Default Homeschooling a child with autism for the 1st time


    Has anyone used Time4Learning for their child on the autism spectrum? Also, did you go the private school route as a homeschool? What does it mean on the LA Dept. of Education that accommodations/modifications can not be used for special needs if you homeschool? Does that mean for testing, teaching, or both? Thanks in advance for your help.

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    I'm so sorry I didn't see this before, sometimes posts slip past and I'm not sure why!

    Let me see if I can address some of your questions.

    There are other parents who use T4L for children with autism spectrum. Let me point you toward the Special Needs and Special Education forum. The people over there might be able to give you tips and advice that worked for them. I can't address autism, but I know that T4L works well for other issues such as ADHD.

    I moved out of Louisiana last year, until we moved we used the private school option. Most people I knew who homeschooled elementary or middle school children used the private school option. High school students generally used the other option because it allowed them to qualify for TOPS scholorships more easily.

    As for the idea that the LA Dept of Ed not letting homeschooled special needs students use the accomodations/modifications, I'm not sure there. I knew students who used school sponsored accommodations and were homeschooled, but it seems that things were kind of changing on that score. My recommendation there is to call or go to the DoE office and ask those questions specifically. I would think that because you pay taxes and those taxes fund those programs you should be able to participate even if you homeschool. However, they can and do sometimes treat homeschooled children differently than other tax payers children.
    You might also speak with your local school (the one your child would attend if he attended public school) and see what their rules are. They might refer you up the ladder (to the DoE) or they might just handle it locally.

    Hope this helps a little bit! Let us know how things go!
    Homeschooling one for 8 years and counting!

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