How do you record keep??
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    Default How do you record keep??

    Hey there!
    I have a topic I would like to throw out there for consumption and comment. RECORD KEEPING. I know, I know, ughhh! Or maybe you thrive on perfectly kept records. How do you do it? Do you print out the records from Time4Learning? How often do you do it? Do you go months at a time, or do you print weekly/daily? Did you even realize that you can print records, sorted in all kinds of interesting ways (by date, by subject, by assignment type, combinations of the above. Do you keep a portfolio of some sort?
    I keep a notebook with each page dated. Each day, I write what we covered, including all T4L work and anything we do for school outside of T4L. Resource pages that go along with assignments are kept in a ring binder with subject dividers. When the notebook is full (sometimes it is only a month, sometimes longer depending on how many pages get used for other stuff.) I pull the T4L records, print them, add any written work/resource pages and the notebook, clip it all together and drop it all in a rubbermaid container that is about paper sized. I add to that the projects, posters, etc that she has done over that time period and I have a very accurate record of what we did. Not only can I show how many days of school we did, but what we did, and the scores.
    I would love to hear comments on how you keep records and how much of that record keeping you do for your own benefit and how much you do just in case the state of Louisiana comes peeking into your schooling. The state has never checked up on me or anyone I know, but that doesn't mean it won't ever happen. I figure I will give them enough information that they say, "Ok, Lady, we get it, you are educating your child! Enough with the records, already!" Please comment!
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    Default Re: How do you record keep??

    I have a middle school student. I'm trying to prepare myself for the record keeping of high school so I have a binder with dividers for each subject. There I keep a sample of work (i.e. reports) and quizzes and tests that were done off line. I also have a section for progress reports where I put a monthly report for T4L. I also use a tracking system that really works for me. You can check it out at this website:

    It is free to try out. They ask for donations if you really like it and want to support further development of it.

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    Default Re: How do you record keep??

    I use three tools for complete records. Michigan does not require that homeschoolers keep records, however I like to have the information as a record, for whatever reason we might need it, and to issue transcripts when she is in high school which is just around the corner. Here's what I do:

    I use Microsoft One Note, it comes with Microsoft Office 2007 and is a notebook software that allows us to keep most of our home school records together. I have a Teachers Notebook and my daughter has a Student Notebook, I cut and paste items from my notebook to hers easily. Each subject has its own tab and under the tab is collected assignments, forms, notes, etc. One of my daughter's favorites is her "Current Events" section. Several times a week she goes online and finds one news story, she can cut and paste it to the One Note page and then write about the story. My teaching notebook also includes lesson planing, links to pdf's, web sites, worksheets, powerpoints and copies of various web pages used in our lessons. I also have a recipe notebook in One Notebook where I keep the recipes I use most often and I've included a menu section in it. This is all material I kept in an actual spiral notebook previously.

    For grading I use the ten subject Excel gradebook from Donna Young. She's the queen of record keeping.; I can print report cards from it.

    I have an actual gradebook/organizer which I pick up from Barnes and Noble. I use it as a daily journal of her work and make assignment notations, tests, field trips, etc. It's main purpose is to track the amount of time we spend and what is covered, but it functions well as a lesson planner as well. I keep daily grades in the grades section and transfer to the Excel gradebook a couple times a week.

    While all of this might sound like we are quite structured, I have discovered that having the plan in place allows us a good deal of freedom in scheduling. Generally we have class and work periods from 9-1:30 with a half hour break. She's almost 12, were she younger I'd give her an additional 15 minute break. She works in small periods of 15-30 minutes per subject, except Math which gets an hour a day three days a week. After our full session is officially finished, she usually spends another hour on the computer, practices piano, or we go for a 2 or 3 mile walk. She reads at least an hour a day, usually before bed (often longer because she enjoys reading). She also has dance lessons for three hours each week and is involved in a local Tweener group and serves in a food pantry. She ends up with free time to play with her DS or the WII, ride her bike, call or text her friends, or do "homework" which is an assignment she's doing on deadline (right now she's working on a geological map of Michigan).

    I have a storage set from Lillian Vernon that I use to file and retain papers, art, awards, etc. I've been doing this since preschool and will use three of their school storage sets for her complete PreK-12 education. I haven't figured out hows the T4L record keeping will fit in. I don't know yet how it wil interface with One Note, however, I will likely print what I want to keep and add it to the yearly storage systems.

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