How many just due school on computer or do you add worksheets and handwritting
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    Cool How many just due school on computer or do you add worksheets and handwritting

    I am wondering this school year if I should stress as I did last school year, our family has had some big changes over the last year <I have 3 children, there ages are julianne was 23, kaitlyn 21,and Matthew 7, Julianne over the last two years in fact one of the reasons I started homeschooling matthew was starting kindegaren ,she was diagnoised with a rare form of ovarian cancer stage III c at 21,aug 2010,went thought 6 surgerys,49 rounds of chemo and 25 rounds of radiation,all this in the last two years,kaitlyn moved out and kaitlyn moved back cause we found out she was going to have a baby,so she moved home,last year i had matthew looked at and yes someone finally said yes he has Asbergers,deveopmentaly delay impluse control, on July 8,2012 @ 10:45 My Julianne passed away and its not a sad thing she's no longer suffering,we miss her alot we were all close,matthew has had a real hard time with it ,brought him to a dr,of the mind and they gave him meds that made everything worse,so this week I'm taking him in for an evaulation at his dr.s office to see if we can get some help, so Julianne passed away on sunday July 8,2012and my other dughter kaitlyn who at the time looked like she was going to pop,4days later thursday july12,2012 gave birth to my 11 lbs 2 oz first grand son NOAH ,and yes 11 lbs2oz,20 inch long.two major life events,well the circle of life all in one family all in one week. we are not a normal family,and we know it and i really stress out about matthew hating to write ,he'll get on the computer and go to town with what ever i want ,but we struggle with work sheets,I just wanted to see if anyone else struggles with writting or due you have a son or daughter that is specail needs,what do yall do, I am so thankful for T4L,so matthew works on 3rd grade science,2nd grade math and 1st grade reading,we are struggling are there any suggestions if so we welcome,any thanks for reading and any suggestions welcome. Just to finsh the story on how differnt we are,not normal, Julianne didn't want a normal tradition everyone come see me at the funneral home thing,she wanted to be cremated and brought home,yes home and when her pawpaw dies my dad she wants to be put with him, they were very close,and she wanted us to celebrate her life,so on her birthday which was august 21,we had family and friends over to celebrate her life, we had food cakes and at suset we all wrote a message to her,even matthew and realsed ballons, all teal for ovarian cancer I could not belive how many came to our house and everyone i talked to said ,this is what i want when i die a celebration of life ,not everyone sad,and i kept wondering if i was doing the right thing.So I have decided the right thing for one person doesn't have to be the right thing for someone else.find me on facebook you can see all our pictures,and if you go to Thrive magazine on Facebook click on there sept. issue,on page 58 my cousin who is an editor there did a story on my daughter julianne.Thanks for taking the time to read this didn't mean for it to be this long,we've been using T4L from 2010 and just loved it,wish i would have done this for my daughters,life would have been so much less i have been making matthew do extra worksheets,is the computer enough,what do all of you think,thanks .facebook me at Michelle covington Guidry we live in Lake charles,La.

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    I like to mix it up for several reasons. 1) in the real world kids will need to know how to adapt to all kinds of situations 2) sometimes technology gives out 3) sometimes they just need something different so as not to get bored of the same old. However that said. Each child is different. You know your child best. You will notice if the child starts getting restless , needs a worksheet, needs adds on, needs a books, or needs a video each child learns differently. Some are audio learners,visual learners an area that they struggle in you might have to switch it up. But then again you might not. Follow your instinct about what is best for your child and I'm sure things will be ok. If you feel he is learning just on the computer ,he might be because some kids do. If you start seeing that there is a struggle with comprehension in an area then maybe for that subject you might need to try something else.

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