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    I am new to the whole homeschooling thing and I am lost. I have tons of questions and no one to talk to it seems. My husband travels a lot due to his job, so me and my girls travel along with him. I decided a few weeks ago that homeschooling is our best option but I need help on where to begin. I have already send my application in to Louisianabelieves to do the home study program and waiting acceptance before I pull out my first grader from public school. I just wanted to know if this Time4learning will qualify her and be alright for her as a full curriculum. I plan on adding additional activities, worksheets, ect but wanted to know if using time4learning as a core curriculum would be the correct option. If I chose to do this and later on she decides to want to join public school will she be accredited for her time on here homeschooling, how does that work?

    THANKS! Any and all advice is appreciated

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    Shannonlynn, welcome. It should not be a problem at all for you to use Time4Learning as your core. I used T4L as my core when I lived in Louisiana for about 6 years. T4L should work great because you can use it from anywhere as long as you have a computer and an internet connection. You might also look at Learning Games for Kids which is an online educational game site. When my daughter was your daughter's age she really loved playing educational games. Check it out!
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