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    Default Last minute decision!

    I am in Baton Rouge. My daughter is entering 7th grade and has been in the same private school since Kindergarten. My husband recently took on a project with his company in another state, so at the last minute we decided to home school so that we could be there with him as much as possible.

    I am now starting to panic! I know I need to send a letter to the dept of education stating what we are doing. I only plan on doing this for one year, and then her returning to the same private school for 8th grade.

    What will the school do when I enroll her for 8th grade? I have emailed them, but have not gotten an answer yet. Do they usually just test them for placement in a private school regardless of what homeschool program I use or do I need to use one that is state accredited?

    Thank you!

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    If your daughter will be returning to the same private school then you really need to speak with them about their requirements. Every private school is different.
    You have two options regarding homeschooling your daughter. You can take the option where you register as a private school, that is the option most of the people I know who homeschool in Louisiana use. There is a second option where you but if you are only going to homeschool for one year the private school homeschool option will probably be the easiest.
    Your first order of business is to double check with your private school and see what they will require to reenroll your daughter next year if you are sure that is your plan. After they tell you what they will need you will have a better idea about how to proceed.
    Consider asking if they will allow you to educate remotely. You could still use their curriculum, and answer to them, but from a remote location.
    Let us know what happens!
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