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    Hi,I may be pulling my son out of Jefferson Parish public school soon to home school.He is in 4th grade and has become a target for bullies and the school isnt taking it seriously. I've left it up to my son at this point to make the choice to stay or home school we are giving it a week to see if the principla took care of them this time.Anyways,I'm looking for other home school families with children his age to connect with. My husband is worried about the social downfalls of pulling him out(but as of now his social life at school is running from the other kids so it can't get much worse) I also have 2 other kids in public school. One in 1st grade who I am considering taking out because she's just not getting the attention she needs and one in 5th grade who loves every part of school so I wouldn't take her out unless I HAD to. I am thinking if he choses to home school I will do the private option and not home study. I know I have to put how many students on the application will it be a big deal to change that if I put 1 and then end up pulling out my daughter too? Can I just put 2 just in case? Also,are there any Jefferson parish online groups on Facebook or anything that I can join to get help? I'm pretty overwhelmed already as I'm sure is obvious lol!

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    Dear Mommydubois,

    You have an East Jefferson parish family homeschooling here. Our situation is similar (with both a 4th Grade son and a 1st Grade daughter). We had to pull them from a private school (after 6 years relationship) because of COMPLETE lack of attention and horrid behavior on the administration's part.

    I was terrified to pull them both because we loved the 1st grade teacher too. However, had I known years ago just what I have learned in this past two weeks... I would have put them in home schooling then.

    The kids love it, we love it, the increase in confidence in just a few weeks has been tremendous, how they are eating, how they are progressing... the whole list.

    We did the private option. We use T4L as a base and I'll be happy to meet up with you and share how we do it. We have also included Art, cursive writing, library trips, field trips, dance, karate, piano, etc.

    The home is more peaceful, the kids are honestly learning better (but differently). I just sent you a friend request... I'll be happy to give you my contact information through PM's as well.

    Don't panic LOL -- it was overwhelming for me for about the first 4 days... then everything started to fall into place with a routine we could all work well within.

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