Moving from alaska.....
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    Default Moving from alaska.....

    I'm new to home school but I have to move from alaska to Louisiana in June... I want to get a head start and figure out what is required for me to homeschool in Louisiana....

    I am confused. Can some one help me by answering some questions?

    Do homeschoolers have funding? Are expenses remebursed if they are approved?

    Is curriculum provided?

    Do you know the names of some programs?

    Will my child have access to the same materials that a public school child would have?

    I am so new to homeschool that I am not sure if I am even asking the right questions...

    Please help me


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    Welcome Anna,
    You have a lot of interesting questions, let me see if I can address some of them...
    The way you homeschool in Louisiana depends on the "Option" you choose. There are two ways to homeschool in Louisina.
    Option 1) is the home study program. With this option you are basically doing public school at home. You "ask permission" of the state each year to educate your child at home. You may or may not have access to books etc, depending on the discretion of the school district. I can tell you that Louisiana is a pretty poor state related to where you are coming from, and you may find that there are no "extra textbooks available." The school district is not required to provide you with anything as a homeschooler.
    Option 2) is the "private school not seeking accreditation" method. In this method you run your own school, you are not accredited, and you basically have total control. You do not "ask permission" you "inform the state" that you will be opening your own private school. This is the method I used in Louisiana, and the one that almost all of my homeschooling friends used.

    As for reimbursement, nope, there is no funding for homeschoolers and no reimbursement. However, you can claim homeschooling expenses on your income tax, you would need to check with your tax preparer, but you can claim things like field trips, school supplies, and curriculum costs against you Federal Income Tax.

    Curriculum is not provided. I would highly recommend Time4Learning for children K through 8th grade. That is the curriculum we have used for over 6 years, and the sponser of this forum. I find that T4L is colorful, interactive, and available material exceeds the amount of material that would be covered in a typical Louisiana public school classroom. Time4Art is an add on to Time4Learning and provides a great art history and art appreciation program.

    This is a lot of information, and I am not sure I answered your questions, but if you need more information or clarification please feel free to ask. Welcome to Time4Learning Louisiana forum!
    Homeschooling one for 8 years and counting!

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