Need Homeschool Program for 11th Grader- Baton Rouge
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    Default Need Homeschool Program for 11th Grader- Baton Rouge

    Hi - I've become quite uncomfortable with the private school setting that my
    11th grader is a part of and am interested in any homeschool programs that would welcome an 11th grader Baton Rouge student.

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    I recently moved from the Baton Rouge Area and I can't give you a specific suggestion for a high school program.

    I would suggest that you look at Let's Homeschool Highschool. There are curriculum lists there that will help you choose educational materials. It is being added to all the time.

    I understand that you have indicated you are uncomfortable with your child's private school situation. The biggest problem with leaving a private school setting, mid-year, of 11th grade, is that your child's TOPS eligibility status may change. Asside from that, if you decide to homeschool, the next thing is getting legal with the state.
    Once that is accomplished you can check with the local school board to see if they will lend you books. Sometimes they will, sometimes they won't. If the issue you have with the school setting is not academic, perhaps they would rent the books to you for the remainder of the semester?

    I wish you luck in finding a curriculum. Let us know how things go!
    Homeschooling one for 8 years and counting!

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