new and confused. for a 7th grader
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    I need help to find out what I need to do in order to register for homeschooling I don't know what home study is I don't know what private school is who I contact what forms I apply for I just want to do one student is private school the best for him he's 14 in the 7th grade he should be in high school I am so lost I'm pulling my hair out and I'm crying I just wanted the best for my child and I don't know what to do can somebody please help me I live in New Orleans

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    Default Re: new and confused. for a 7th grader

    Hi, I'm not in Louisiana, but I found this link to your homeschool laws. Hope this helps!

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    Yes, Robin is correct. When you go to the web site, search "Home Study". It's very easy to set your child up with home school. You must submit an application and birthcertificate, then wait for your approval letter. It is good for one year, then you must re-apply. You can have your child tested every year with a state test administered by the school board just to make sure they are keeping up (but that is optional). I am doing this for my daughter. She is also in 7th grade.

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    Register them as a Registered NonPublic School on the La Dept of Education webisite. No tests or birth certificates are needed. Also, you can call any home school educators and they will tell you what you need to do. See below copied directly from the La Dept of Education website or go to:


    Louisiana Families may choose to independently provide an excellent education to their children from their home. Louisiana families typically provide this independent education through a Board of Elementary and Secondary Education approved home study program or a registered nonpublic school.

    To comply with state attendance laws, parents who want to educate their children in a home study program must apply and be approved annually by the Board of Elementary and Secondary Education. A child enrolled in an approved home study program is considered in attendance at school.

    Parents who enroll their child in a home study program are solely responsible for deciding the curriculum and providing instruction. Louisiana does not provide funding for home study programs.

    Students in a home study program are not required to take state assessments. Students in a home study program may participate in interscholastic athletic activities.

    Diplomas awarded through an approved home study program are recognized by all post-secondary educational institutions.

    Please see the Home Study Guidelines for more information


    Families may now use a simple, user-friendly online application system to submit a home study application. This new system will allow families to easily complete and submit applications online, as well as receive automatic e-mails once the Department both receives and approves the application. A similar system will also be available for Registered Nonpublic Schools.

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    Default Re: new and confused. for a 7th grader

    I am new to the whole homeschooling idea, but I will be transferring my 3rd grader to homeschool shortly. He is currently in public school. We will be doing the teaching at home using T4L as the curriculum. I have applied to the state department for home study, but is this correct? Do I also have to register as a nonpublic school? Or both? The website does not clearly explain the difference depending on the situation. As in if the child will be enrolled in a school (e.g., K12, Abeka, etc.) and simply taking classes at home or if the parent will be doing the teaching. Any advice is greatly appreciated.

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    Default Re: new and confused. for a 7th grader

    I'm not in Louisiana, so I may be reading the laws wrong, but the way it reads to me is that it's an either/or thing, not both. So you can apply for approval for your home study program OR you can register as a nonpublic school. I don't believe it's both.

    For both options, I believe you are responsible for your child's education. You choose curriculum and materials (though these may have to be approved by the state for a home study option?). From what I can tell, the key difference is the nonpublic school option doesn't allow for your child to qualify for scholarships and such. It also doesn't allow for you to "prove" to the state that your child is getting an education and that you are abiding by compulsory attendance laws.
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