New to home schooling!
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    I am new to home schooling and feeling just a little bit overwhelmed. My daughter and I are very excited to start, but I have a few things I am unclear on. I don't know all of the laws for Louisiana. Do I have to send in progress reports throughout the year or just at the end? What about state testing? Any help would be much appreciated!

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    Hi, welcome to T4L! Did you sign up for the home study option, or the private school option? If you signed up private school option, you have no further notifications to provide the State other than the letter every year stating that your private school has x number of students enrolled. If you signed up for the home study option you might need to send an update at the end of the year, but really the state of Louisiana is pretty hands off. I homeschooled under the private school option and never reported anything and was in compliance with the law. If you are unsure you can contact either HSLDA or the DOE to check and see if you need to send updates. Just remember that the first year of homeschooling often feels overwhelming, just stick with it, in my experience it only gets better!
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