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    We are relocating to LA and not happy with the school we are appointed to. I am not understanding my options on home school for that state, can anyone help me?

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    It can be very frustrating to not like the school district your home is assigned to. How old are your children? If they are elementary or middle school, then you have 2 good options for homeschooling.
    The first is home study. This is the public school administered school at home option. It requires you to get approval each year to homeschool. The second option is called "private school, not seeking accreditation". This means that basically you are a private school. You do not ask permission to operate, you simply notify the state DOE of your schools opening date, number of students, and how many days you will operate (180 is the rule in LA). You mail this to the state DOE each year.
    Most people I know in LA use option 2, though it is more difficult to find this information on the DOE website.
    If you child is in high school, then you might want to consider option 1, because that is the option that will make them eligible for TOPS, which is the state scholaship program.

    I hope this information helps, if you need more specific info please feel free to ask. I would also recommend that you find a local homeschool group pretty quickly. The support is priceless. Good luck!
    Homeschooling one for 8 years and counting!

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