New state, new school, now in new orleans
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    Hello! My name is Natalie, and my 10 Year old 5th grade son and I moved to NOLA from Summit County, Colorado. I enrolled my son in charter school here, and it took 2 months to realize that it was the worst mistake I had ever made in my life. The bullying, racism, violence, etc was ridiculious. I was shocked because this school was one of the most highly recommended schools in the city. I did not know what else to do-so now we are homeschooling. I am fortunate that my boyfriend and I work different shifts- I work days, he works nights. That gives us both time to "teach".
    We were kind of thrown into this homeschooling deal (the schools in Colorado where we are from are so good they could make you weep with joy) and we are trying to find other parents in NOLA that are homeschooling, and to get any and all advice and experience we can.
    Well, thanks, and I hope I hear from y'all soon

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    Default Nola Charter Schools

    I am so sorry you had this expereince! Was this school reccomended from someone locally? that would surprise me considering almost all like 99% of New orleans Parish schools are failing includeing the charter schools. It is such a shame. however, Jefferson parish has far better schools and is a world away ( although only 15 mins from New Orleans) from what you experience in Orleans parish. I recently took ym son out of a catholic school in Metairie and I was also kind of thrown into homeschooling but I can tell you, if homeschooling is not the way to go there are options, very good options, just not in Orleans parish. You can email me at [email protected] if you want more information.

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    Default Nola Charter Schools

    I thought I replied to this correctly but maybe I didn't. So if you see 2 replies from me it was by accident lol! Anyways, I am not sure why anyone would reccomend ANY school in Orleans parish becuase they are all down right terrible! But I can assure you that not all of the school districts are this bad. I feel bad that Orleans is the first one you experienced. You spelled it out just right, good description Jefferson Parish offers far better schools although they still probably arent as good as where you came from, they are a world away from Orleans parish. Harahan Elementary is by far the best public school in the upper part of Jefferson Parish and probably 15 mins from you no matter where in the city you live. They score above the state average on standardized testing, the neighborhood is excellent, the children are well behanved and the majority of them come from good homes with parents who care to be involved in their childs education ( I personally think that means alot). The school expects more from their students than most of the other public schools, now I do want to say this is my oppinion of this school, I <3 this school!! Look it up on You can also look into the advanced studies schools, Metairie Grammar and Airline Park Advanced Studies....both are in Metairie. You have to test to get into them but again these are excellent schools. they are not charter!!! Another school that I like ( public) is J.C. Ellis, it is also in Metairie, closer to the new orleans side of Metairie, and I like it becuase it offers the french and spanish immersion from pre-k on. Riverdale middle school is a pretty good school for grades 6-8, this is an IBO school and the scores are quite high, the is actually inaccurate, they actually score an 8 out of 10 but you have to go to the school to get the accurate stadarized testing information for this year. I havea littlecousin who goes there and was lucky enough to get in ( you do not have to test in) although she is out of this school district and theya lso provide her with bus service. She lives pretty far away from Riverdale so I like that this option is offered. I am mentioning this school becasue I know your son will be in middle school next year. Now he can also test for Haynes Academy! EXCELLENT school!!!! Again another advanced studies school, but excellent excellent excellent!!! To move into jefferson parish would be nothing truthfully, you wouldnt even realise you left new orleans other than the lack of crime and violence in jefferson parish versus orleans parish So go ahead and check out the jefferosn parish school districts, like i said they are not all great but there are some really good options if you know where to look!!! Good luck and I also recently started to homeschool! My son was in a catholic schoolw ho wanted to hold him back and I was not going to even go there! So I am homeschooling and then having him tested for the advanced studies school for next school year!! If you have anymnore questions let me know! [email protected] I live in the New Orleans area as well!! All my life so I should beable to answer any questions you may have!! haha!

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    Hello. I have an 11 year old daughter and she is in 5th grade at a Catholic school. I've seen over the years some things that have "bothered" me but they were little incidents and didn't happen often. However, this the saying goes "all bets were off". The teachers are intimidating, they are burned out and unenthusiastic. The material is boring and repetitive and as for the majority of students, it seems bullying is rampant. My daughter had leukemia when she was four and she's always been sort of shy in nature and it seems as though this "school" is swallowing her up. As for her grades, she just made honors honor roll and she's in every accelerated class the school offers. For the first time, I am considering homeschooling but I am scared to death! What are your experiences so far since the two of you on this thread seem to have just started? my email address is [email protected]

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