New to T4L and very overwhelmed!
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    Question New to T4L and very overwhelmed!

    I just found out about T4L, and I am thinking about using this to home school my daughter (9th grade) and son (6th grade). I live in Louisiana and wondering how to let the school know about it. I understand that T4L is not accredited, so what do I tell the school and how do I do it? I read some where they say to type a letter and give it to the school about doing a nonpublic school and not seeking approval. I do not know how to do that. I am completely clueless! I hope someone can give me a detailed response on the steps to letting my children do this! Thank you!

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    Default Re: New to T4L and very overwhelmed!

    Hi, I searched and found these homeschool laws for your state. Looks like you can register online.

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    Default Re: New to T4L and very overwhelmed!

    Hi! I'm not in Louisiana, but I thought you might be interested in the free Welcome to Homeschooling guide.

    You have two things to consider when beginning to homeschool: Your state's homeschool laws and the homeschool curriculum you decide to use. (No state dictates what curriculum you must use or may not use to homeschool your own child.)

    Time4Learning is a homeschool curriculum. We allow anyone to sign up at any time. We do encourage you to follow your state's homeschool laws, but we do not oversee that. So, you do not need to provide any documentation of "proof" of anything at all when you sign up to receive access to the Time4Learning curriculum.

    However, it's a very good idea to comply with your state's homeschool laws! The link Robin gave you takes you to where you can register as a homeschooler with your state. There is also information there about your state's homeschool laws. Louisiana appears to be homeschool friendly.

    I usually recommend that people who are new to homeschooling do the following:

    Understand your state's homeschool laws.

    Choose a curriculum that includes anything your state might require. Remember that, in the few states requiring certain subjects, you do not have to teach every single one of those subjects every single year.

    Provide any notification required by your state. (Some want a little information about your curriculum, which is why I advise you to choose a curriculum first.)

    Set up a way to keep track of any other paperwork your state might require (such as attendance reports).

    Make sure you know what (if any) annual or periodic assessments your state requires (such as standardized tests or portfolios). Start researching how you will fulfill that requirement. (If your state requires a portfolio, here is some information about maintaining a homeschool portfolio. If your state requires standardized testing, you will need to contact an independent tester, regardless of what homeschool curriculum you use. Online schools often provide standardized testing. A homeschool curriculum will not. The test requirements and the testing schedule for homeschoolers is usually different than that for public school students.)

    Mom of six . . . current students and homeschool graduates. Enjoying using Time4Learning since 2006!

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