Question about 6th grader with dyslexia on spelling
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    Question Question about 6th grader with dyslexia on spelling

    Does anyone know where or how I can get phonics material that does not cost an arm and a leg? Also, is there some kind of test to determine what grade level to put him in?

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    Welcome! I have to first suggest Time4Learning Language Arts and Language Arts extensions. It is an excellent program and when you sign up for a grade, you get access for the grade below and the grade above. One way you can see what grade to sign up for is to just let him do a few lessons and see if it is too hard or too easy, then move him either forward or back until it is comfortable. You can learn a bit more about T4L and dyslexia here . The other place I would direct you is Vocabulary and Spelling City. There are many language arts/spelling/phonics resources over there, and it is a child friendly site. There are both free and premium versions, so you can choose what suits your needs. Hope this helps a little. Please feel free to ask any questions you might have.
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