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    I am a certified public school teacher. I am considering home schooling my child. Several friends have asked me to consider teaching their children. Here are my questions:

    1. How many students can you legally homeschool?
    2. Can you charge tuition? Any idea what the going rate is?
    3. Should you carry some sort of liability insurance?

    Any feedback or alive would be greatly appreciated!

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    I do not know the information on educating someone elses students. This might fall under option 2 of the homeschooling law, which allows you to file with the DOE as a private, not seeking accreditation school. I was unable to find the specific information about operating a private school for children other than your own. Since I am unable to find the specific information you requested, and since I can't give legal advice, I would suggest that you contact the Louisiana DOE here. Thanks for participating in our forum and I hope I was able to help a little bit!
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