Register to state from overseas (military)
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    Exclamation Register to state from overseas (military)

    What and where do I begin to register the children through homeschool.

    Thank you


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    Leilani, I apologize for being so late getting back to you. I need to check and see why this just showed up. At any rate, if you are registering for homeschool in Louisiana there are two choices, Option 1 which is the home study program, and Option 2 which is the private school not seeking accreditation. You will have to decide which one of those suits your family better. Both options simply require a letter to the state board of education. If you are not registering in Louisiana you will need to check with the Board of Education for that state to see what the requirements are. Each state is different. I hope that helps a little. In Louisiana if you are not looking to finish out the school year, you will need to send in your letter within 15 days of starting homeschool classes. I hope this helps. If you need more help please feel free to post here and I will get back to you as soon as possible! Welcome to Time4Learning!
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