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    Hi, I need some advice on how to complete an renewal application.In Feb 2012 I withdrew my grandaughter from 4th grade . I have established my home school and have been approved.Do I have to register her every year? Now it's time to renew her initial application. What is SBESE -Approved Home Study,Louisiana Department of Education?They are asking for a complete packet and outline of work completed in all subjects . thank you

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    Yes, you must apply every year, at the traditional start of the school year, usually August in Louisiana.
    Even if you applied in Feb, you still have to apply for the 2012-2013 school year.
    The BESE board is the the Board of Elementary and Secondary education. If you did the approved home study program and not the private school-not seeking approval method of homeschooling, then you have to answer to the school board still. If you used Time4Learning for her schooling over the past year, then just print out the reports over that time period.
    If you used other curricula, you will need to make up the packet and provide it as requested.
    Most people I know in Louisiana use the Private school-not seeking approval (or accreditation) option for homeschooling because it requires less answering to the school board.
    I hope this helped. If not, please ask any other questions you might have and we will try to answer for you.
    Good luck!
    Homeschooling one for 8 years and counting!

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