Hi my name is Ray and Im in my second year of teaching at home with my son who is almost 11 but Im not sure how to use Time4learning with him because he is not on grade level with any of the subjects. I had him start on the Pre K stuff last week and now we are on first grade stuff starting today. I struggled with trying to teach him different things but after I found this, I'm not sure if I'm helping or holding him back by repeating all the grades. he was put in speacial Ed for his learning disability and adhd. when he was removed from school he was in the fourth grade but really didnt understand much of what his other class mates werre doing. He couldnt read at all either. I think what I mostly need from this is for someone to say, "Hey its ok if you have to start at the beginning... at least your starting" . Thanks for reading my lenghty intro and best of luck to all of you who are sacrificing for your children. God bless you and have a wonderful Thanksgiving and a Merry Christmas.