so many questions!!
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    i am looking to homeschool my 8th grader. this will be our first go at it! does t4l offer math, language arts, social studies, AND science for 8th grade? can i register for any electives? how can i tell if my daughter "passes" 8th grade?


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    There isn't middle school 8th grade science or social studies. Your options are to look at the lower grades and supplement, or perhaps look at the Time4Learning high school sciences and social studies. You might also check the high school courses for electives. This is exactly what I am doing with my 8th grade daughter now. The question of whether she "passes" or not is up to you. If she completes all the coursework you ask of her with above 80% I would call it passed, but you would have to decide what you call passing. Hope that helps you a bit.
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