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    Hello. I will begin homeschooling my 2 children this year. I applied with the state for approval. My question is, what subjects are mandatory. I have choose the "Robinson self taught curriculum". It requires 2 hours of Saxon Math, 1 Hour of writing, and 2 hours of reading. I am pleased with this but am concerned if I HAVE to include any other subjects.

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    By state approval do you mean the home study option? I don't know how old your children are, but you might consider adding social studies and science. The state might not require that you teach other subjects, but their goal is to have homeschoolers receive an education comparable or better than the education they get in public school. When your children have to take the ACT they will be required to score 2 points higher to qualify for the same TOPS level scholarship as public school students, so you need to make sure you have provided your children with that knowledge and it will include science, social studies, in addition to math, and language arts.
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