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    We have removed our 8th grader from a private school and are considering home schooling to finish the year. He has been accepted to another private high school for next year.

    If we home school him, the high school is asking that we provide documentation of 'grades' for the courses he started and completed 3 quarters of. Is there a way we can pick up a curriculum, either t4l or otherwise, at a place near where he is, complete the studies, and provide documentation to the hs? They want real grades to enter in his transcripts. Other than projects, papers, and tests we give our kids, is there a state or parish test that would suffice? Or is it just what we provide as we go thru these last 6 weeks?

    Thanks for any info.
    Lori, mom of Nicolas, ADHD 8th grader

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    I have a couple of suggestions for you, maybe through picking and choosing, you can find an answer that works for you and the private school he is going to in the fall.
    1. Ok, you will have the transcripts from the private school for 3/4 of the courses, right? One way you can do this through Time4Learning is to look at the lesson plans pages for 8th grade, figure out what he has done in private school, and then just do the lessons in T4L that will complete the courses. Not all schools teach the courses in the same order, so there is no way to know if the T4L course is structured in the same order. T4L is based on national standards and so their courses should cover the "requirements" for an 8th grader. This will require work on your part, to sift through what he has covered and what he hasn't. T4L does keep records of what is completed and the scores so you can print them out. You can also print out resource pages (like workbook pages) and quiz and test results for record keeping purposes.
    2. Another alternative to doing it the little piece at a time thing I mentioned above would be to start now, and let him complete the entire 8th grade course. That would be less figuring out for you, but more work for him. It might cement some concepts he might have had difficulty with and provide a serious review in preparation for beginning high school. He probably would have time to do the entire 8th grade course before start of school in the fall if he worked hard between now and then.
    Remember, the stuff he has already covered would be easier and thus move faster than concepts he hasn't covered yet so completing the entire 8th grade would not be as difficult as it seems at first glance. I know sometimes when we hit a concept my daughter already knows, we only take the quizzes and the chapter tests. If she scores 90% on those, without doing the lessons that lead up to the test, we consider the concept sufficiently learned. You could try that method. If he has covered the concept already, let him take the quizzes and tests. It would provide scores to give to the high school. Then, on concepts he has not covered yet, let him do the lessons and quizzes and tests. At the end you would have scores for everything that you could print out as record for his transcript.
    3. As far as I know, there is not a test that would suffice. You could check with the high school and ask if there is an achievement test that they would accept as completion of 8th grade.
    4. You could see if you could rent/borrow the books from the private school and just finish the work that hasn't been done. I'm just guessing, but pulling him out now must mean something monumental has happened, either in school or personally. It is possible that borrowing from the school might not be an option, depending on the circumstances.
    I hope that some combination of the suggestions works for you. Please let us know what happens, and how you work things out. Best of luck!
    Homeschooling one for 8 years and counting!

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