In Webster Parish and frist time homeschooling, would like info please
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    Default In Webster Parish and frist time homeschooling, would like info please


    I am wanting to homeschool my children. My daughter is currently 4 years old. I also have a 2 year old and a 1 year old. If she was to go to public school she would start preK this fall.
    where do i begin?
    I have read several replies of filling out the private school form on louisiana education website, but can i start her now with the preK? any help would be great

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    Default Where to begin homeschooling

    Regarding the question of starting a 4 year old in homeschool, please be aware that the compulsory age for school attendance in Louisiana is 7 years old. Yes, I said seven. So you do not have to register at all until age seven, unless you prefer for personal reasons.

    That said, I am not advocating that you do not start home educating until age 7. The truth be known, you have already been home educating for 4 years. I'm sure the child can speak the English language, and knows a vast amount of things she learned from you. So you have already begun. And homeschool, looks nothing like regular "instiutional" school.

    A great place to learn about getting started in hame education is at the Homeschool Convention in Baton Rouge, that will be held April 25-26, 2014. Because you have only preschoolers, you can attend free. There are workshops specific to getting started that can answer most of your questions. Get more info on the event at 2014 Convention Information.

    Registration opens March 5.


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    CHEF of LA is a state-wide organization that represents homeschool concerns.

    WE have a member that presents a workshop on the topic of Getting Started in Homeschooling. She is a seasoned homeschooler, and answer all your questions.

    Jenny Morse can be reached at
    318 202-5179

    She will be presenting her workshop at the Annual Homeschool Convention in Baton Rouge on April 25.
    More info at Christian Home Educators Fellowship of Louisiana under the events tab. Registration will be opening march 5.

    R Smith

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