Whew! Is anyone else as burned out as I am? Every year about this time I think to myself how much I need a break. But I think the kids feel it too, and after a long, dreary winter spent slogging through math and reading - Ugh! - the sun is shining and the grass is growing and boy, we all just want to go outside and enjoy it!

So besides the obvious solution of taking a week or so off from schoolwork and proclaiming Spring Break, how can we keep ourselves and our kids motivated? I've tried finding activities that allow us to be outdoors in the fresh air, like unit studies on weather or the life cycle of plants, or some hands-on activites like planting seeds to watch them sprout & grow, various other outdoorsy science projects and the like. Sometimes it's nice to do schoolwork at a picnic table at the park, too!

Give us some more ideas! How does your homeschool work through all those wonderful temptations of spring and keep the momentum going through the end of the year?