end of year testing?
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    Default end of year testing?

    Hello, This is my first year of Homeschooling my step son.I cant seam to find the answer to the question i have..called everyone in the public school systam, but no one had a answer for me..so i figured i would try here..Is there any testing or anything that has to be done at the end of the year, or anything that has to be handed in to the school distrect??All i can find is that he has to do 175 days and send in the papers at the start if the year that says we will be homeschooling ,which we did? Thank you
    Kelli & Jeff & Jeffrey

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    It looks like under the Maine Home School Laws that it totally depends on which option you chose to homeschool under. Check out the explanation under the "Standardized Testing" section of this breakdown by the HSLDA: http://www.hslda.org/laws/analysis/Maine.pdf

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    In ME you have to do either standardized testing or a portfolio. This is our first year and we're opting to do the testing. Especially since we really only did a half year at home I couldn't see doing a portfolio which would technically be incomplete. There are a lot of sites with info on testing. I plan on using Seton Testing Services and am actually going to order the CAT next week so we'll have it for June.
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    Cool testing in Maine?

    I have chosen to operate a NAPS (non approved private school) please check out all your options, I wanted the least amount of gov't interference in my child rearing. There are many NAPS, I charge $10 / per child or $20 per family. We connect via email for support, etc. and sometimes we get together for library skills, etc.

    I did the teacher certification via homeschool group previously and found I would get anxious waiting on someone else's schedule or ideas of what is right for my children. I also like the fact that my children will actually graduate from a private school and have transcripts.

    A down side to NAPS is that public schools can deny you access to services (other than special education) such as art, gym, etc. because technically you are in a private school that you chose even if it didn't have these services. If you are inclined to use public services than NAPS probably isn't for you. However, this is an area of opportunity if you are looking to start a co op or group custom tailored to your child and get other homeschoolers involved.

    Donna in Newport

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    This does sound like another viable option for some families. I know what you mean about wanting the least amount of government influence in our children's lives.
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