Well, it is starting to get cold out, so that means it is time to head for the fair. We have many fairs across the state. Need help finding one? Check out this link: http://www.maine.info/events/festivals/october.php

We just went to the Fryburg Fair yesterday. Along with the rides and fried dough, my kids love going and looking at all the different animals. And most people will LOVE to tell you all about their animals! There all also many booths with loads of information.

So, what is your favorite fair in Maine? Do you make a "lesson" of it? My daughter is studing horses right now, so she enjoyed talking to the horse owners at the fair. My four year old enjoys a scavenger hunt. I cut out some pictures and put them in a little book....of like sheep, apple, cow, tractor, etc. and she crosses them off when we find them. Then, when she is all done we get a candy apple! Yum!

Till next time
Happy Homeschooling!

Jennifer Monk