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    Hi this is my first year of homeschooling my 13yr old daughter. I am excited and a little anxious hoping that pulling her out of public school is the right answer for us. looking for any advice from experienced homeschoolers. I have signed her up for the time4learning 8th grade but know that I have to do more with her. Any help or info would be great. We live in Lebanon, ME.
    Thank you
    Becky P

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    First let me say welcome to the forums, to time4learning, and to homeschooling. Public school can be really hard for 13 year old girls. Well, really, life can be hard for 13 year old girls. Their bodies are changing so much. They want to be adults at the same time as they want to be little girls. It is a changing strange exciting wonderful time for them. And totally scarey for Mom. Keeping her home with you can be a very good thing. You can give her the extra attention she needs to get through this time of her life. Just love her, keep the communication open, and things will work out.

    As far as extra work, I have found that field trips are great. There are a lot of exciting historical sites in Maine to share with your daughter. Day trips can be lots of fun and educational. You may want to look into some of the highschool classes that time4learning has just started offering to supplement what she is learning in 8th grade. Also let her read as much as you can. Find out what things excite her and focus on them. If she is interested in animals take her to volunteer for a vet or an animal rescue center. If she likes sewing or crafts, get her involved in classes for those subjects. Local sewing centers or stores like Michael's or JoAnn's frequently offer classes for a very low price.

    Best wishes on this exciting new journey for both of you.
    Kathi Homeschooling Mama to Twelve year old Dakota

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