Ah. School is upon us. I hope all of you have enjoyed the summer. We were "schooling" in the summer months, but my oldest wants to follow the public school calender move closely. She even wrote a 2 page paper telling me why..lol. So, I rethought our schedual. I know many families who do not take a summer break per say, we were one of them. And I suppose, you never really take a "break", even though my kids did not have "class time: this summer, you really never do stop learning! Between dance, and summer reading programs at the library, trips to the ocean to explore tide pools, nature hikes and camping trips....sneaky mom making us learn in the summer! lol. So anyway, I really hope I can get this forum active, and that it will be helpful to Maine homeschoolers. So I thought I would post a "question of the week" to get the conversations going. So this week: How did you all spend the summer?

Also, I am not sure how many of you are on facebook. It is my new fav thing! It is so addicting.lol. Time4Learning has a page with some pretty interesting conversations. Here is a link : http://www.facebook.com/home.php?ref.../Time4Learning Stop by and become a fan.