Crazy weather yesterday, for Maine at least. My daughter is in love this weather! Do you have a weather bug in your home? This week has been full of interesting weather: tracking Bill out in the Atlantic, Severe Thunderstorms yesterday. I had a very *gulp* close encounter with a funnel cloud yesterday. My daughter is apparently unaware of how dangerous they can be --- she thought it was great!
So if you have any weather bugs in your family, check out the following links:
They have a ton of information about all sorts of weather. On the left, you will find some great links. Check out "weather school" learn more about the jet stream. There is even a quiz at the end. Also, you will find wind chill/heat index charts under the "preparedness". And if you see any wild weather in your area, you can report it to the weather service.
This site has great interactives on hurricanes, tornados, earthquakes, and volcanoes.

Know any great weather web sites? Post them below!
Happy Homeschooling!