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    Default Welcome To The Maine Parent Support Forum

    Hi everybody. I just wanted to stop by and welcome you all to the new New Maine Parent Support Forum. I am Kathi and I will be your forum moderator from now on. Please ask any questions you might have. Introduce yourself. Stay for a while and visit.
    Kathi Homeschooling Mama to Twelve year old Dakota

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    Default new to time 4 learning

    hi, tomorrow will be my 11 year old triplets first time using time4learning,looking forward to starting...looks like a lot of fun.

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    Default Beginning homeschooling

    How do I begin? What do I teach? Do they get a dipolma?

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    Hello. This link will help you learn more about homeschooling in Maine: https://www.time4learning.com/homesc...ing_info.shtml

    Also, if you are considering homeschooling and want to ask questions of other families about homeschooling, here is the main page for the Time4Learning Parent Forum: https://www.time4learning.net/
    Your post is just seen by families in Maine here, so you're likely to get more feedback in some of the other forums.
    enjoying homeschooling and learning with my kids, using T4L and T4W
    blogging our homeschool experiences at The Learning Hourglass

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