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    Question Why are YOU homeschooling?

    Homeschooling is such an individual choice, and we all have our reasons, don't we? I'm going to post a little something here that I clipped out of a magazine or booklet of some kind - I really don't remember - but for years now it's been hanging on my fridge to help me remember why I'm homeschooling.

    "If the schools were perfect, I would still
    homeschool my children - because it isn't
    about school.

    It's about families taking their children back
    and educating them as they see best.

    It's about giving birth to a child and loving
    that child enough to want to nurture him
    and be a part of his life until he no longer
    needs you.

    It is the natural thing to do. School is only a
    substitute for the real thing."
    - Kathleen McCurdy

    Maybe that didn't do much for you, but I thought it was just beautiful and it really spoke to me. That's why I'm homeschooling my kids.

    How about YOU?

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    I enjoyed the posting and it describes why I decided just two months ago to bring my 6 year old son home to school. He was having a difficult time in first grade and after fighting with our school district for the services he needed I realized that I could best serve his needs at home. I have a completely different child now. He's more relaxed and easy going. Though he pushes back when it comes time for school to start I'm learning creative ways to reach him. It hasn't been easy but it's been worth it.
    Eric's Mom

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    Hi Eric's Mom -
    I can relate to your story because I pulled my own son out of public schools after kindergarten for similar reasons. He's a much happier little guy now, and I shudder to think what another few years of public school would have done to him. Glad to see you here at T4L, and welcome to homeschooling!

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    Wow...I think I found my own little personal support group of "mom's who pulled their kids out of public schools after Kindergarten/first grade!"

    I had the SAME experience with my son...he had a wonderful year in Kindergarten and things just started going down hill after that. Two months into 1st grade was when I had had enough and pulled him out of the school system.

    In my group of homeschooling friends, I am the ONLY mom who didn't know from the start that she was going to homeschool her kids. That's fine with me....but it is encouraging to hear that others made the jump in a similar fashion!
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