Grandparent Helping to Homeschool Grandchild
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    Default Grandparent Helping to Homeschool Grandchild

    Our daughter and her husband are considering homeschool for one of our grandchildren. He has some emotional problems and the school response is zilch. The parents both work, but need to do something to help their child. My question concerns monitoring the school work by the child. If the parent sign him up and assign the work he is responsible for, can we as grandparents watch over him during the day and help him do his work assignments? Thanks for you input.

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    Default Re: Grandparent Helping to Homeschool Grandchild

    Hi! Time4Learning provides the curriculum, and parents use it "their way".

    Each state's homeschool laws are different, but all require the parent to direct their student's education. That means the parent is responsible for filling out any state-required forms and for making sure the rest of their program meets state requirements, but it doesn't keep them from hiring a tutor, paying for classes led by someone else, or assigning a monitor when they are away.

    So, sure, you can help out with your grandchild. When kids are older and are responsible enough, many working parents leave them home alone with their assigned work.

    Mom of six . . . current students and homeschool graduates. Enjoying using Time4Learning since 2006!

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