help in MD please
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    I'm getting ready to go in for my first review of my kids homeschooling but most of their work so far has been done online. Any recommendations and help on tips for what to include in our portfolio would be great. We are in Washington County and any other information for local co-ops would be awesome as well.

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    I have been homeschooling my son in Maryland for six years. I have never had an issue at a review.
    Follow the guidelines they give you to the letter, be organized and show them your plan. Have all of your activity logs for P.E., Music, Health...ect with you. You will also need your lesson plan schedule as well.

    Bring any information for any field trips you have taken. I always bring a complete list of any books I use, text books, story books, workbooks, reference books, online resources. Some parents bring the books with them rather than just a list. I have been able to get by with just a book list with no trouble at all.

    Most of my son's work is online as well. I bring print outs of his tests and quizzes along with pages from his workbooks, extra worksheets, and writing samples from each subject.
    The review guidelines that were sent to me ask for at least 1 sample per subject per week of instruction. I always bring at least 3 to 4 samples per subject per week. Our binder is a bit thick by review time, I always like to show more than what they ask for.

    If you are lacking documentation in an area don't panic. I'm told they will tell you what you are missing and give you 30 days to correct it. After your first few reviews it becomes so easy.

    Good luck!

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