Help Please: New to Homeschooling-Looking for Co-ops
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    Default Help Please: New to Homeschooling-Looking for Co-ops

    Hello everyone! I am a full-time working mom with a brilliant little 5 year old! My mother is truly my angel, because when we decided to end my daughter's time at public school, she fearlessly stepped up to take on the home-schooling task. We are confidant in my daughters academic abilities, however she has struggled socially and understanding classroom discipline. We received little to no support from her school concerning this, and were met with eagerness to test and label my child.

    Considering she is only 5 and reads and writes on a 3rd grade level, I had hoped that a remedy for the disciplinary and social interaction could be reached, but unfortunately it was not so.

    Can anyone recommend any home school co-ops that are located in the Silver Spring area? I am eager to get my daughter back socializing since she is an only child.

    We currently have her attending the after school recreation center program, and so far its been going extremely well. I was just hoping to add a few day time instructional meetings to her days so that she is receiving social etiquette training as well. All you parents are truly so inspiring and brave!!! I am so encouraged reading your posts.

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    Default Re: Help Please: New to Homeschooling-Looking for Co-ops


    I can't help you with local resources, but hopefully someone near you will be along soon to do that. I do want to welcome you to the forum, and I will paste links to a couple articles you might find useful.

    Nice to have you with us!

    How Do They Socialize?

    What IS Socialization Anyway?

    Gifted and Talented?

    My Child Isn't at Grade Level

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