My first review in Balt. Co. next week
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    Default My first review in Balt. Co. next week

    I have my first review in Balt. Co next week and I must say I am so nervous. I have the letter they sent but I am worried what I have wont be enough. I am BAD at keeping records and being organized. Thats why I chose Time4learing, it's a wonderful way for my son to learn and he enjoys it. Plus, its easy for me! LOL Should I just print out a few reports or all of the reports from day 1? Also its says that I need a schedule and times spent on each class. I really dont have a set schedule. He starts at 10 and works until he is finished then we go over it. He reads a book a week and the other 4 subjects we just do whatever. The phys ed and art, health and music.
    What is most important and what is enough?
    Thanks for any help!

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    Default Re: My first review in Balt. Co. next week

    Hi Shelby!
    I can relate to the nervousness of that first homeschool review. I stayed up most of the night before my first review putting my son's portfolio together. It was like cramming for an exam! I hadn't done that in years! I really didn't know what to expect during the review. I was tire and nervous. What got me through it was talking about how positive homeschooling is for my son. Here's my sage advice for you: BRAG, BRAG about your child!

    I don't think it is necessary to print out all of the reports. I printed out a week's worth of reports for each subject (math, language arts, etc.) and brought them with me. I also had to give them a sample of a week's schedule of "schooling". For example: Monday - language arts; worked on sentence structure, spelling, and introduced poetry. Tuesday - math; continued with double digit addition and subtraction. Something like that. Did the letter actually asked for time - like 10 am math, 11 am reading? I don't do times at all. This "schedule" is more of a guideline then anything. I hardly ever follow it strictly.

    For each of the subjects that they asked to see work in, I usually bring my son's best work for proof that he is learning at home. That makes both of us shine. One can never be sure what is enough. Bring what makes you feel comfortable so you can talk about what your child is doing.

    Remember that the state regulates homeschooling and not the counties. Don't give them more then they asked for and don't give them less then they asked for. I follow the state's requirements and bring with me a copy of the home instructions regulations. It can be found by clicking this link: Pay attention to letter F.

    Good luck! And brag, brag about your child!
    If you have further questions, please post. I'd be interested to find out how your review goes next week, if you want to share.
    Have fun! Happy homeschooling!
    mdhomescool, Time4Learning Maryland Rep moderator

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    Default Re: My first review in Balt. Co. next week

    Shelby, Good luck in your review. It sounds like you are well prepared so there shouldn't be anything to worry about.

    I'm curious. Are you actually worried that the counselor will create problems for you? Or, are you just nervous because you are going to get real feedback and discuss your homeschool program with another person?

    If it's the latter, I can relate in a funny way.

    I started awhile ago meeting with other parents periodically to discuss our program in which we tried to be "advisors" to each other. It came out of some discussions where we admitted to each other that although we had lots of interaction with others, we never really felt like we got meaningful feedback from others. So we set up these "meetings'"

    Even though they were friends and they had every intention of being helpful, I got very nervous the first few times I put together a summary of what we were doing and where I thought our strengths and weaknesses were. What I heard from my friends was very reassuring and that our program was really good. In fact, based on their feedback, I relaxed a little bit and started being less intense about some stuff because, upon reflection, the tension that I was creating was not worth it.

    I suspect that you are going through the same thing. Everything that I've heard about Maryland is that the feedback and meetings tend to be more collaborative and useful than anything else.

    Still, good luck. Can't wait to hear how it goes.

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