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    Hello All!

    I'm a mommy of a wonderful autistic boy and we are at a crossroads for school. Long story, but my question is: is there a way that I can view the printable versions of lessons before joining? I showed my son the lesson demos and he immediately covered his ears and kept asking me to turn it off. When I asked why, he said he didn't like the characters voices. I have to admit, I had thought that they sound very computer animated and for a child with sensory issues that is a big road block. I love what I have seen on this site and would love to see what it's like if I used the printable versions. Help !!!

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    Welcome. As far as I know there are not printable versions of the lessons. There are printable resources, which are like worksheets to supplement the lessons, usually these are in Math. Depending on what grade he is in, and what subject he is doing, you might be able to read the lessons to him so that he doesn't need to hear the character voices.

    I know that might not help a lot, let me offer one other suggestion. There is both a Special education forum, and a special needs forum, where you might find posts from families who have similar issues. They might have some suggestions as to how to make the program work better for you and your son. I certainly hope this helps!
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