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    I am new to homeschooling this year. We are using the kindergarten and first grade T4L programs for my daughter. We are loving it. Right now I am trying to balance punishment in the classroom vs punishment at all the other times. How do you all keep it separate or do you punish the same for in school and out of school.

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    May I ask what you are punishing for? I'm not sure I understand your question, but let me give you a couple of examples and see if this helps.

    In our house some infractions get the same punishment whether they occur during school time or during free time...for example:
    Backtalking, my daughter is 12 and is very "back talky". The punishment for my daughter insisting on getting the last word in an argument is loss of free computer time. This means that she doesn't get to check her RPG's online, and she doesn't get to research, or play other games online. How many times I have to call her down for back talking decided on how long she loses those privileges. It does not matter if she is in school or not, same punishment.

    This punishment was not necessarily effective so we changed the wording to this idea...

    I deserve respect, I do not deserve for you to speak to me in a manner that is not consistant with respect. You no longer have computer free time, TV free time or Wii free time. ALL free screen time depends on you earning it through respectful behavior.

    Then I lined out what I thought respectful was. That includes doing the school work I ask her to do as well as helping around the house and keeping her pets fed, watered, and clean.

    Since we consider homeschooling a lifestyle choice, we don't make a huge line between school and life. Because of this, punishments are the same in school and out. I never, ever assign more school work as a punishment.

    Did this help? This is just how it works at my house. I'm sure each house and even each child within a house works differently. If I misunderstood your question please ask it again a different way!!
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