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    My daughter and I are both completely new to homeschooling. I liked the look of the core curriculum on this site but was wondering where other homeschoolers are getting their curriculum for subjects such as Fine Arts, Health, Physical Education, World Languages, English Language Proficiency, Technology Education, MD Technology Literacy Standards for Students, School Library Media, Personal Financial Literacy Education. These are all listed in the "States Curriculum" and I was hoping to follow it as close as possible. Any help or advice would be GREATLY appreciated.

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    May I ask what grade your daughter is in? Next Iwill tell you where I get some of the additional subjects you mention, justknow that I don't live in the same area as you do , and so the requirements formy Department of Education might be different. Perhaps other parents willmention where they get curriculum for other subjects.
    I feel like English Language Proficiency will be answeredby the core curriculum of Language Arts/Language Arts extension if your childis elementary or middle school. High school English Language proficiencyshould be answered by the English courses available there. You might findsome of the course material at your local library, extension service, or YMCAactivities. You can give credit for any team sports or individual sportsyour child might be in, martial arts, soccer, swimming, etc.
    As for foreign language, we are currentlyusing a free site called Duolingo. If your child is high school level,T4L high school does have financial and health education as electives.
    I hope this helpsa little bit. Again, I hope that other Maryland homeschoolers will jumpin and give you some suggestions.
    Homeschooling one for 8 years and counting!

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