New to Homeschooling in Rising Sun, MD
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    Default New to Homeschooling in Rising Sun, MD

    We have decided to Homeschool our granddaughter this year. She will be in the 7th grade and we have enrolled her in the Time4Learning program. From everything I have read and searched, the main issue for us as parents is to maintain a portfolio and other records of our granddaughters progress. Any tips or advice at this point will be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

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    Hello, I noticed you are in rising sun. I am out in Darlington and have just decided to pull my children second grade and kindergarten from public school to switch to homeschooling. How has it been going for you so far?

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    I am also from Maryland. I have been homeschooling my children for the last 4 years! Rising Sun Parks and Rec offer homeschool gym classes and Perryville Library offers a monthly homeschool class! The homeschool class is called morning academy. Very exciting! We have done both programs. We also contacted the Baltimore Zoo and they told us how to enroll in homeschool program for field trips. They offer free tickets to every one school aged, plus a free teacher ticket. Then you pay under $10 for each additional child and adult. It was very nice.

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