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    Default New from Owings Mills, MD

    We are the parents of a 12 year old son who is in the 6th grade. A public school education is not working for him. It has not been working for awhile. We finally have found the courage to start looking else where to help our son learn in a manner that is more conducive to who he is. We are exploring home schooling and are looking for groups in the Baltimore area for our son. Socialization is very important to us for him. We are open to any suggestions, guidance, support, ideas, that any of you have. We are new to this and quite frankly a bit nervous.

    We want our son to grow up to be a productive, kind, interested and interesting person. Above all we want him to have a love of learning and be happy. If we could wish those things for him we would consider ourselves having succeeded in giving him the tools he needs to make it in this world.

    Thanks in advance for your help, advice, and support as we begin this new journey.



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    Default Re: New from Owings Mills, MD

    Welcome, Chaplainnanc! I'm not in your area, so I can't help you with local connections. Hopefully someone near you will pop in to the forum soon.

    Until then, you might be interested in these articles about homeschool "socialization".

    Welcome aboard!

    What is Socialization Anway?

    What About Socialization?

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