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    Question Newbie to it all

    Hello everyone.

    I'm new the homeschool and T4L. I set my lesson plans to start 8/25, however my son logged on and did some of the activities and quizzes. Will they count or will he start over on Momday?

    Also, how do you print out the tests, etc your portfolio for the county?

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    Hi Mommy!
    Ok, as far the lessons counting, they should, you decideif the work he did before your lessons plans counts, but if it were me, I wouldcount them. It just means that your lesson plans need to be a littleflexible. This is one reason my real working lesson plans are always inpencil! Never fails, if I list something for my daughter to get donelesson-wise she will do more than necessary, or twice as much science, ornot get through the math I had planned. Just remember that flexibility isone of the wonderful benefits to homeschooling. That flexibility is notjust on your student's part but on yours too!
    You can print tests by going to the student portfolio andpulling up the list of what your child has done over a certain period of time, thenif the activity/test/quiz is blue, that means it is a link to the actual thingyour child did. If you click the link you can print the page fromthere.
    I hope that makessense. If I didn't answer your question please ask again!
    Homeschooling one for 8 years and counting!

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